Light is the correct requirement for product photography. A visualized and professional images work as a solid communication to the audience. In the digital age, people are now more mindful of online shopping. When the customers are shopping, they generally stop by seeing the stunning product images. There are two types of customers: some are potential, and some are irregular. To concentrate on all kinds of customers, you have to do good product photography. It is because; a product photograph is the first medium of communicating with real customers.

Being a photographer, you never expect your photo without light. Light is called the core of photography. Before photography, you should know how much light is helpful for product photography. Even you should know that over lighting is harmful to making a good photograph. A better photo means better improvement of illumination. Natural light is better than any other lighting source for product photography. In this article, we show you how to use natural light, which can fill your purposes.

What Do You Need?

Professional photographers are interested in quality photography equipment because a good quality camera ensures a better quality of photographs.


The camera is the principal of any photography. As you are in product photography, you should keep in mind that a high-quality camera can capture the best-visualized photographs. At present, there you will find some high-quality DSLR cameras of different brands in the market like Sony Alpha A7R IV, Nikon D850, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, etc. With these cameras, you can capture your expected photographs in day’s light.


Finding the exact camera lens is significant for product photography. For product photography, you need a quality lens capable of allowing a varying level of detail to keep a better-looking image. However, a 100-80 mm lens is helpful for product photography in natural light. However, here are some superlenses for macro or telephoto like Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM, Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G, Sony FE 24-105mm f/4G OSS, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC G2, Nikon Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro, Nikon AF-S 105mm f/2.8G VR Micro, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro, etc or you can find some commercial lenses here.

A Tripod 

However, good quality of product photo relics on the stability of the camera. And a tripod ensures 100% stability of the camera. By using a tripod, you will get the super quality of the image. It illuminates the unnecessary vibrancy of the camera and the lens. It can produce more precise shots. A tripod helps to rescue from causing blurry photos. But, proper use of the tripod makes a difference between the tripod-based photos and with the hand. There are so many advantages of using a tripod. if you want great photos you must need to use tripod.

Product Photography with the Natural Light:

1. Find a Suitable Space:

Product photography with natural light is palpable to modern photography. As you use your images professionally, you should find out the place very technically. You should find a suitable area for focusing on your photography theme according to your product width and length. If your photography is indoor-based, you should keep a big window. From this kind of light source, you can get the best result with your great setting. Without knowing the proper location of the window lighting, you won’t get the potential impact of your photography. But if you take a spacious place, the camera and lens work prominently.

If your photography is outdoor-based, you should outsource the best timing of your photograph. However, the best timing for product photography is late in the afternoon and early in the morning. Here is a beginners guide to product photography

2. Set-Up: 

As your lighting is fully set, you should go under the setting of lens, tripod and camera, and others. It would help if you placed your camera on a tripod and put the product against the backdrop. Now you can alternate your lighting and proper management camera setting. It would help if you used a light diffuser over the product you are going to shoot because diffusion material may affect the color of your images. But the proper placement of the product ensures you a high-quality image.

3. Color Management:

Whenever you are changing the accurate colors, you should place your grey card (a source of taking tool). Since you set a white balance in your camera, you should match it.

4. Place Your Product:

Afterward, you need to adjust the position of the camera and the product. Without maintaining the proper placement, you won’t get the result of your photography. To get the better performance of the camera, you must choose unconventional angles and product placement. Even you can create up and down of your camera on your tripod.

5. Consider Your Lighting:

If all kinds of product-based placement are perfect, you are ready for photography. For getting better performance, you should evaluate the lighting.

6. Reflective:

In your photography, you use natural lighting, and as a result, you generally find some shadows of your product. Your product image seems more stunning if you are conscious of using natural light. Every shape of your products is turned into a reality.

7. Final Shot: 

After finishing the proper placement of the product and gear set, you can continue your final shooting. Your great collaboration ensures you taking high-quality photographs.

 8. Image Post-Processing:

Although you have got a great photo after your muscular performance, your final image can’t be perfect from all the side. Naturally, your pictures are with dust. But this time, you can’t expect your final images as excellent. However, forgetting perfection, you should improve your appearance by photo editing.

Indeed, you should do editing from the expert hand because they know the best skills of every tool of different photo editing software like Photoshop Lightroom, Affinity Photo, GIMP, etc. They decorate the image in a way so that the photos seem natural. Professional designers enhance the product properly, and they do this task within a short time. At present, hiring graphic designers for product image post-processing is getting market. And all kind of e-commerce marketer is dependable on this process.

Final Thought:

The mentioning discussion is highly effective in focusing on the product image. We realize that there is no other comparable to natural light based on product photography. If you desire your photographs as excellent on looking, you should go your photography by the natural light. Based on natural light photography, you should give much importance to the product and light setting. It will help you to increase your online sales.